Diamante vs Amber Nova vs Freya the Slaya vs Kolbe Max - Ladies Night Out 11

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Description: 4-Way Women's Wrestling Match featuring Diamante vs Amber Nova vs Freya the Slaya vs Kolbe Max at Ladies Night Out 11. Stream the Full Event ???? http://TitleMatchNetwork.com

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This is from Title Match Network's Ladies Night Out 11, live at Wrestlecade Weekend! Thanks to the great fans of North Carolina, our LNO debut was sold-out, standing room only.

See what happens when four of the baddest women wrestlers in the world do battle at Title Match Network's LNO11. Diamante (Las Sicarias, AEW) returns to Ladies Night while Amber Nova, Freya the Slaya & Kolbe Max makes their LNO debuts.

Amber Nova (AEW, WWE NXT) has been featured on our Queens of the Ring series via Hurricane Pro. Kolbe Max is an 18-year old star from Tennesse's Imperial Pro Wrestling. Freya also has AEW credits to her name and looks to dominate in this fatal 4-way.

Commentary by Sammy Kiss & White Mike
Hosted by Nadiah Hunter

Ringside Photography by Taylor Zeban

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